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If you are going to upload files, please make my life easy and follow the file naming convention used on this site. A filename looks like:

e.g. medieval_madness-1998-f-1.jpg, medieval_madness-1998-f-2.jpg

  1. spaces and dashes in a name are replaced with underscores
  2. periods, quotes/doublequotes, colons, slashes, asterix are simply removed
  3. the pound sign is replaced with numbers 1..n

We need 300 DPI scans, and don't really care what the format is..we can convert it to jpeg images as needed.

Note that a 300 DPI image of an 8.5x11" piece of paper is going to be around 1-3MB when saved as a high quality jpeg with fairly low compression. Uncompressed it's 24MB (that would be 300*300 square dots/inch * 8.5 * 11 inches * 3 bytes/dot)

If your file is not that big, it's not high enough resolution for what we need, and we can't use it because the web site and CD/DVD roms are generated from the 300 DPI source material.

This form supports uploading a max of 4 files at a time. If you have a lot, send an email to and I'll arrange an ftp server for you to use.

file #1 :

file #2 :

file #3 :

file #4 :

email address : (optional)

upload credit : (optional)


The uploaded files cannot be accessed from the web, so if you are trying to hack things, don't bother.

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